Heather Elizabeth Hughes graduated with an Honours Arts & Business degree from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada specializing in studio painting. She simultaneously fulfilled the degree requirements for an art history specialization during her four years. Fresh out of school, Hughes continues the process of generating paintings of both a realist and abstract nature.  It is her fascination with the duality of the human brain, the functioning of the right and left hemispheres, which continues her on a path of extremely diverse modes of painting. Her work is characterized by Canadian subject matter depicting strong realist imagery as well spontaneous gestural forms rendered with rich dynamic brushwork.  Using acrylic and oil paints on canvas, Hughes works can be seen as diptychs or stand on their own as separate paintings. It is important to allow the viewer to gravitate towards the image they enjoy more, falling upon their intuitive dominant side of the brain.

Hughes has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada.  Her work has been purchased by corporate and private collections including the Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery.