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Of Two Minds: A Solo Exhibition by Heather E. Hughes

The Owen Sound Artists’ Co-op Gallery announces a new exhibition Of Two Minds to open March 2nd, 2012 by local artist Heather E. Hughes.  Hughes is a diverse painter interested in process and exploration of brain dominance.

Hughes’ diptych paintings, which focus on Canadian symbols and images, explore both representational and abstract possibilities.  On one side, Hughes explores realism by meticulously replicating her photographs.  On the other side, abstraction and spontaneity take over as she intuitively pours paint and experiments with new materials.  Hughes’ extensive travels across Canada with her camera have inspired this provocative body of work.   As an emerging Canadian artist, it is her intention, that these parallel yet opposing works provoke dialogue and create interest about brain dominance and its influence within the contemporary art world.

Hughes has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada.  Her work has been purchased by corporate and private collections including the Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery.

Of Two Minds opening reception: March 10th 2012, 2pm – 4pm and will run until March 31st, 2012.  Admission is free and all ages are encourage to view this exhibition!

Launch of ARTBOMB


January 10th 2012 from 6am-11pm, I will be featuring my Loon Diptych on the online art auction ARTBOMB!

The Loon Diptych will have a starting bid of $1200 for the pair of works!

Please read more about ARTBOMB below: connecting buyers to work they love!

ARTBOMB is a carefully curated daily auction featuring an artwork
by a rising Canadian art star. It’s like Groupon for art!

Launching on December 7, 2011 in Toronto, ARTBOMB is a brand new way for artists to expose their work to thousands of potential art buyers. ARTBOMB is a fresh approach to art buying that allows busy professionals a daily peek into a carefully selected cross-section of Toronto’s most exciting art by delivering one work into their inboxes, 5 days a week. Bidding opens at 6 am and closes at 11 pm. Subscribers bid on the work and at the end of the day, the highest bid wins the piece, which is delivered to the buyer the following week.

The artwork – including painting, prints, photography, sculpture, drawing, mixed media and video art – is designed to reflect a broad cross-section of Toronto’s most exciting talent, and is selected by Andrea Carson, an expert in contemporary art and the accomplished founder and publisher of one of Canada’s most widely read culture blogs, Artworks are mostly priced at under $1000. In Toronto, delivery is free. Outside of Toronto, delivery is by FedEx. All works are delivered ready to hang.

ARTBOMB is a project by Jim Shedden, Carrie Shibinsky and Andrea Carson.

SUBSCRIBE NOW! If you would like to receive our daily eblast, please send your name and email to We do not share any addresses with a third party.

Futurism Today or NOT! – The Distillery Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2011

An Independent Project for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2011 (Saturday, October 1, 6:59pm to sunrise.)
Presented by The Distillery Historic District

Curated by Thom Sokoloski, ‘Futurism Today or NOT!’ will examine the artistic originality of the Futurists and how it can be reinterpreted today as a significant artistic movement of humanity’s inventiveness and/or a fleeting simulacrum of an artificial optimism appropriated by the zeitgeist of its times.

My site specific work will examine which side of the brain predominately drives futurism.  The division of the brain is complex, intriguing, unanswered and a profound entity.  I am interested in this division; the differences housed in the characteristic traits that define the left and right hemispheres of every human brain.  As an artist, I am drawn to both realism and abstraction, which is reflective of this human division. Descriptors of the left and right side brain functions such as controlled vs. uncontrolled, reality vs. fantasy, logic vs. feeling, facts vs. imagination, and words vs. symbols, all conjure a vivid vision.

As a performance piece, I will be asking people throughout the evening to place only one pin on one side of the brain that they believe predominately drives futurism.  Everyone uses both sides of their brain, just in very different variations.   I want to visually stimulate thinking about the influences of the left and right brain functioning and the impact on futurism in today’s society.  Participants will transform the large diptych painting and showcase a visual interpretation of the left or right side of the human brain as a driving force behind futurism.

Please see link below for directions to location – Site 22 of Zone B

Independent Projects- ZONE B – The Futuristic Institute of Collective Happenings

My project will be located in the upstairs area of Balzac’s Coffee Shop



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