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The Dada Experiment! Action Painting Performance September 29th, 2012

THE DADA EXPERIMENT – Live Painting Performance part of Dada Reboot 2012 curated by Thom Sokoloski

by Heather Elizabeth Hughes

Through a series of action painting performances, I will demonstrate

various paint application processes characteristic to both the left and

right side of the brain. Descriptors of the left and right side brain

functions such as controlled vs. uncontrolled, reality vs. fantasy, logic

vs. feeling, facts vs. imagination, and words vs. symbols, all conjure a

vivid vision. I want to visually mark this variation to show that Dadaism

does live in the modern world and is directly impacted by both sides of

the brain.


Elaine Fleck’s Catalogue of Contemporary Fine Art

Please check out my paintings featured in Elaine Fleck’s Catalogue of Contemporary Fine Art – Fall/Winter 2012!

Visit page 42 to view my diptych work – Concrete vs. Fantasy, Inukshuk Diptych, oil on canvas 72 x 48

Click below to download catalogue:

Elaine Fleck’s Catalogue of Contemporary Fine Art

Dining & the Arts Magazine Spring Edition 2012

Please check out latest cover of Dining & the Arts Magazine, Spring Edition 2012 & page 40 to see my latest photographs of Executive Chef Tim Johnston’s Food Creations at Cobble Beach!  Click HERE to view preview of magazine.

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